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NoteSearch is the companion application of the Zpen, the electronic pen

What is the Zpen?

The Zpen by Dane-Elec is the most natural way to capture your full creative expression and seamlessly give a digital portability. Use the Zpen on any paper, anywhere, completly untethered. Write, draw, diagram, compose and express yourself like  you never could through  a keyboard. Later, at your convenience, effortlessly upload every pen stroke into your Mac or PC.

Welcome to NoteSearch, create naturally, organize digitally !

With NoteSearch you'll be able to:

  • - Manage your Zpen notes in one clean, graphical interface
  • - Preview your notes along a scrolling timeline
  • - Simple notes organizer
  • - Search your handwritten notes according to keywords such as customer name, class title, project name and more...

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